We LOVE or Teachers and Staff


We at Allen Elementary LOVE our teachers and staff! 


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Updated for 2018-2019 





Ms. Amaro

Mr. Flagler

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Miller

Ms. Williams

Ms. Kindred

Ms. Salgado

Ms. Warne





Ms. Jobling

Ms. Lowrey

Ms. Ratliff

Ms. Smith



1st Grade


Ms. Barsch

Ms. Cotton


Ms. Murphy

Ms. Vaji




2nd Grade


Ms. Collins

Ms. Grisham

Ms. Sink

Ms. Wood



3rd Grade


Ms. Clark

Ms. Feuer

Ms. Goode

Ms. Lyon

Ms. Pockrus

Ms. Schiavo



4th Grade


Ms. Brown

Ms. Campbell

Ms. Gunderman

Ms. Membreno

Ms. Saunders




5th Grade


Ms. Bell

Ms. Clark

Ms. Howell

Ms. Izzarelli

Ms. Urban






Ms. Treadwell




Ms. Lozano




Coach Davis

Coach Gosnell




Ms. Burns






 Support Staff



Ms. Garelick

Ms. Burdorf

Ms. Hobbie

Ms. Kimbrell

Ms. Knesek

Ms. Mathew

Ms. Mercy

Ms. West





Ms. Laragarcia

Ms. Makroo

Ms. McConnaughy

Ms. Olmos




Ms. Barrera

Ms. Ortega

Ms. Payne

Mr. Collado





Special Ed


Ms. Arellano

Ms. Brazil

Ms. Curran

Ms. Dockweiler

Ms. Freeman

Ms. Guy

Ms. Hawkins

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Schmoldt

Ms. Nazario



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